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Consultation and Diagnosis

Consultation and Diagnosis

A consultation appointment involves listening to your problem, identifying the concerned tooth or teeth, confirming the problem with x-rays and other tests necessary, and arriving at a concluding diagnosis.

This would then allow to discuss the various treatment options available and formulate a treatment plan customized to your needs.

Tooth pain can mimic pain and symptoms from different body parts like the other teeth, the ear, the sinus, heart etc, which could be misleading. Also, teeth in which root canal treatment has been previously done can also have pain or swelling. As a specialist, dealing with pulpal pain and related pathology, the best approach for dealing with the problem would be discussed.

Root canal point aims to be the prism through which all troubles and diseases within the tooth are treated and cured. It aspires to transform into a physical, intellectual and abstract space where novel ideas, concepts and innovations would be caressed, explored and fulfilled.

Dr. Kottoor personally desires to undertake these endeavours with a contagious smile, a passionate heart and a loving touch.