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Starting June 1st, 2020, Root Canal Point has reinforced additional protection measures to enhance patient safety within the clinical premises. Some of these measures include;


Only one patient will be attended to at any given time within the clinic. This is line with the social distancing guidelines issued by WHO, and as a result, only one operatory will be functional at the clinic at a time.

Patients will be attended to only by prior appointment.

All patients are thus requested to schedule appointments in advance over the telephone before personally coming to the clinic, except for dental emergencies.


Patients should disclose any signs & symptoms of COVID-19 / seasonal flu during the initial tele-screening call for appointments.

  • Fever
  • Breathlessness
  • Loss of taste
  • History of any primary contact with Covid-19 patients in the last 15 days
  • Personal / family travel history or
  • if any of the patient's family is under home or institutional quarantine at home

Patients should avoid / minimize usage of reception / waiting area. On arriving at the parking area, patients should communicate with the reception via telephone, who will then instruct them on the exact time to enter the clinic.

At the clinic entrance, contactless infrared temperature check will be done by the clinical staff, and patients should use hand sanitizer before entering the waiting area.

All patients should discard the old face mask and a fresh 3-ply surgical mask, head cap and a pair of gloves will be given. Mouth mask should be kept on at all times, except when specifically instructed by the doctor.

Only the patient should visit the clinic, and non-essential companions / accomplices will not be allowed inside the clinic premises, unless unavoidable, for safety reasons.

Requesting all our patient’s to bring their own pens to use for any paperwork.

Patient will be asked to keep their mobile phones (switched off), car keys, spectacles and other personal belongings in the disinfected box at the reception.

Patients are advised to strictly avoid;

  • Unnecessary spitting,
  • Putting fingers inside the mouth,
  • Touching the teeth, while presenting the complaint to the doctor
  • Use of washroom, unless essential


Complete sanitization of the clinic floor and table-top surfaces will be done after every treatment procedure.

This will require an additional time of approximately 20-30 minutes between appointments.

The doctor as well as associate staff with be disposing off their entire personal protective equipment (PPE) after every patient and donning on a fresh set of PPE for every subsequent patient.

As always, our sterilization & disinfection protocol is in strict compliance with “Indian Dental Association / Dental Council of India” and other international guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you soon!