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Stephen Cohen, M.A, d.d.s, Ficd, Facd
San Francisco

Dr. Jojo's contributions to our endodontic literature are most impressive. I applaud you for your dedication to disseminating endodontic knowledge, with the emphasis on tooth anatomy and all its variations. I believe your endodontic publications might be cited in the 12th edition of Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp. For now I applaud you and send you my best wishes and blessings for a vibrant, successful practice.
Jorge N.R. Martins, Dds, MSc

I find impressive what Dr. Jojo Kottoor has managed to achieve in such a short period of time. Some of his published works are inspiring. I am sure that he will achieve with this professional project the same success that he was able to achieve at the scientific level.
Dr. Siju Jacob   MDS

I met Dr. Jojo Kottoor for the first time while he was a post graduate student. I found him to be extremely sincere and hardworking. I have seen him evolve into a respected academician and clinician. He has made a name for himself in publishing numerous articles in reputed journals and textbooks. His forte has been to document Endodontic anatomic variations. I am happy to hear that he has decided to start an exclusive Endodontic practice in Kerala. I am sure that the patients and the referring dentists in Kerala will benefit immensely from the services of this talented clinician. I wish him a long and prosperous career.
Dr. N. Velmurugan   MDS

Dr. Jojo Kottoor is the first person in dental literature to report - maxillary molars with seven root canals & eight root canals understanding root anatomy is the key for success in endodontic treatment. Dr. Jojo is extremely good in identifying/understanding the canal anatomy - the number of publications he has got on this aspect in high impact journals is a testimony to this.
Dr. Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
B.D.S. - H.D.D. (Endo) - M.Sc.D. conv. - Ph.D. (Endo)

It gives me great pleasure to pen down few sentences on my esteemed colleague Dr. Jojo Kottoor for his passion and devotion to endodontic research and clinical practice. For many years, I have been following with a great interest the publications of Dr. Jojo, and I am really impressed for the high quality level of his work, and his unique expertise for managing difficult and challenging cases. To the best of knowledge, Dr. Jojo is the first endodontist worldwide to report seven and eight root canals in molars, and his work was featured at the cover page of the Journal of Endodontics – the official publication of the American Association of Endodontists. Dr. Jojo and others have exerted appreciable efforts to introduce a new anatomically nomenclature for the roots and root canals. I am really impressed for his devotion to advancing the body of knowledge in endodontics.
Dr. V. Gopi Krishna, MDS, FISDR

Dr Jojo Kottoor is a clinician and academician par excellence. It has been my privilege to have been his teacher and see him evolve meaningfully in his endodontic journey. An astute clinician evident by the numerous international clinical publications to his credit, he has been one of my favourite students for being a disciplined and hard worker wanting to imbibe skills n knowledge that would benefit his patients clinically and above all for being a genuine caring human to his friends, students and patients. I wish him and his Root Canal Point the very best and i have no doubts in my mind that his centre would be a pioneering centre of endodontic excellence in the years to come.. God bless and God speed dear Jojo !!!