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Our Technology

Our Technology

Pre-clinical Simulator

Root Canal Point Academy is equipped with human pre-clinical simulators, i.e. a mannequin and phantom head closely mirroring the clinical scenario. Training in this set-up allows realistic learning by virtue of challenges like operator position, patient position, indirect vision, intra-oral and peri-oral tissues impediments, etc.

Microscopes for pre-clinical training

Microscopes offer magnification that provide a different perspective and is an important component of learning. Learning under magnification allows for an in–depth analysis and finer detailing of work.

Audio visual mode of instruction and learning

To allow for better understanding, visualization and teaching, each lecture and hands-on demonstration would be communicated by audio-visual means. This would encourage constructive discussion and group learning.

Dedicated pre-clinical space

The academy has a dedicated pre-clinical space that allows each participant to set-up an individual work station on the designated pre-clinical mannequin. This augmentation of physical and mental space, would allow for heightened application, learning and performance.